In this example, we are using Purchase Orders, however these instructions are the same for any document you wish to create a draft for.

1. Open a Blank Purchase Order

2. Enter the data you wish to keep on the Purchase Order

3. Right Click in a Gray Area and choose “Save as Draft”


To Retrieve Your “Draft Document”

Purchasing – A/P > Purchasing Reports > Document Drafts Report


1. Choose the Users Name that created the “Draft Document” choose the Draft Document Check boxes

2. Choose OK

NOTE: To make a “shortcut” to the Document Drafts Report

  • Open the Document Drafts Report from the Purchasing Report Menu
  • Click on “Tools” from the Menu Bar
  • Select “My Menu”
  • Select “Add to My Menu”
  • Choose where you want to keep the Draft Document (I chose Forms)
  • Click “Add”

You can now go to “My Menu” “Forms” to see and use the Document Report and any time


3. Select the Document Number (by clicking the yellow arrow to the left of the Document No.) to open the Draft Document


4. To Keep the Draft Document and create a New or Duplicate Purchase Order

a. Right Click in a Gray Area and choose “Duplicate”
b. Complete the Vendor Data
c. Update any changes
d. Add your order

By “Duplicating” the order, the Draft Document will always remain in the “Document Drafts Report”