You can create an initial service call or update a service call to record tasks, meetings, notes, or expenses related to the call, or to enter a solution to the service problem.

Note: You can also use the Business Partner Master Data window to display the service calls recorded for a customer. Find the relevant customer and choose Related Service Calls.

Typically a customer who contacts you for service already has a service contract with your company for an item or group of items, or the item is covered by a warranty. Additionally, you have created customer equipment cards for the items for which the customer is requesting service. However, you can create a service call without a contract or warranty, although you will get a warning message when you save the service call.

You can create a service call only for serial number items with an Active or Loaned status. You get an error message for serial number items with one of the following statuses:

  • Returned
  • Terminated
  • In repair lab
1) From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose: Service > Service Call. The Service Call window opens.
2) In the general area, specify the customer code, the item number, and (if necessary) the serial number of the item. In the Subject field, enter a short problem description.
3) You can also set the status of the service call. For example, after you have entered a solution or a resolution, you can set the status to Closed.
4) On the General tab, specify details about the origin of the problem, its type, and the employee and technicians who are responsible for the service call.
5) On the Remarks tab, specify any important additional information regarding the service call.
6) On the Activities tab, specify a new activity for the service call.
7) On the Solutions tab, search for the recommended solution for the problem or specify a new solution.
8) On the Expenses tab, specify the expenses of the service call.
9) On the Resolution tab, specify a description of the resolution to the service call problem.
10) On the History tab, view the updates and the changes made in the service call.
11) To save the service call, choose Update and OK.