Here’s how to create an incoming payment for a specific invoice in SAP Business One:

1) Navigate to: Banking > Incoming Payments > Incoming Payments

Select Banking > Incoming Payments

2) In the code field of the Incoming Payments window, type an asterisk (*) and hit enter to populate the list of Business partners. Select the appropriate business partner by double clicking the name.

Incoming Payments, select a Business Partner

3) In Documents for Payment window that appears, you can see all the unpaid invoices created for the customer. Click the checkbox next to the invoice you would like to apply the incoming payment to.

4) Right click anywhere on the empty space of the window. When the new menu appears, click Payment Means

Select Payment Means

5) In the Payment Means window, choose the tab based on the form of payment (check, bank transfer, credit card, cash). Fill in the required payment details. Click OK

Payment Means Window

6) Click Add to apply the payment to the invoice. A confirmation window will pop up, click Add again to proceed.

Incoming Payments

What Happens When an Incoming Payment is Created
  • Incoming payment doc is created
  • Journal entry that credits the customer (and tax accounts if applicable) and debits the receivable is created
  • Journal entries of the incoming payments and paid invoices are reconciled
  • Paid invoices are closed
  • Invoices no longer show in the Open Items list or Incoming Payments window as docs for payment