In SAP Business One you can create an employee master data record to enter work-related and personal data about each employee.

1) From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose: Human Resources > Employee Master Data. The Employee Master Data window appears.

2) Choose Add (Add), and in the General Area fields, specify the required general information. You can also insert a picture.

Note: In the User Code field, when choosing the Define New option to define a new user to link to, you can choose whether to have fields User Code, User Name, Employee, E-Mail, Mobile Phone, Fax, Branch, and Department filled with values from the employee master data.

3) On the Address tab, specify the employee’s work and home addresses.

4) On the Membership tab, specify how the employee fits into the company and to which team he/she belongs.

5) On the Administration tab, specify the employee’s employment period and status, as well as information about absences, education, reviews, and previous employment.

6) On the Personal tab, specify information such as date of birth, marital status, and ID number.

7) On the Finance tab, specify the employee’s salary, cost, and necessary bank details.

8) On the Remarks tab, add comments, if required.

9) On the Attachments tab, link documents and files related to the employee.

10) Choose Add.

Note: If you have not specified a user to link to, you are asked now whether to add a new user with the fields mentioned in the note of Step 2 filled accordingly.