SAP Business One enables you to create target documents directly from base documents. For example, you can create a delivery directly from the sales order. In that case, all the data that you entered in the sales order is automatically copied to the delivery.

You can create a target document for an added document in status Open only. When you create a target document, SAP Business One copies all its open rows.

Note: When you work with an All currency business partner and perform the transaction in a currency different from the default one, the system selects this currency in the relevant target document.


Here’s how:

Scenario: John, the sales employee, submits a sales quotation for one of his customers. A week later, the customer calls and wants to order the selected items. John copies the sales quotation to a sales order.

1) Choose > Sales – A/R > Sales Quotation. The Sales Quotation window appears.

2) Find the relevant sales quotation for the customer.

3) Choose: Copy To > Order. The Sales Order window appears with the copied details of the sales quotation.

4) Update the sales order, if necessary, and choose Add.


Scenario: Two days later, the ordered items arrive. John opens the Delivery window to create a delivery and to send the items to the customer.

1) Choose: Sales – A/R > Delivery. The Delivery window appears.

2) Enter the code or name of the customer.

3) Choose: Copy From > Orders > and select the relevant sales order. The Draw Document Wizard appears. For more information, see Drawing Document Wizard.

4) Update the delivery, if necessary, and choose Add.