You can compare characteristics and features of selected items from a given item group, view the results and make an educated decision accordingly. For example, you can compare three different models of televisions, coffee tables and more. To compare items follow the steps below:

1) In the Sales Catalog page tap the group whose items you want to compare. Tap tap-compare

2) By default, a comparison of the three most sold items is displayed. A list of items from the given item group is displayed at the side of the page. The compared items are selected and appear at the top of the list. To initiate a comparison of other items from that group, long-tap and drag the required item from the list to one of the images of the currently-compared items.

3) The comparison applies to the following parameters:

  • Image
  • Item Name
  • Length, Width, Height, Volume, Weight
  • User-Defined Fields (only user-defined fields set to the category Catalog and defined as Visible are considered.)

4) You can rate the different parameters in the compared items using a scale of one-to-five stars. To rate a certain parameter of a given item, long-tap the parameter. The different ratings assigned to each parameter are summed up and the total number of stars assigned to a given item appears on the item image. Within a quick look you can tell which item is the top-rated one.

5) To add the top-rated item to a shopping cart tap tap-cart

6) To empty the comparison list, tap tap-trash and then confirm the warning message.