In SAP Business One you will want to close a sales opportunity when the sales processes is finished, regardless of whethere or not that lead became a customer or not. When it’s not longer an active lead you will close it by indicating whether or not the opportunity was “won” or “lost”. The reason why it’s helpful to close an opportunity when it’s no longer active is because it helps you analyze how effective your sales process is, because a close opportunity that is “lost” will be accounted for in SAP sales analysis reports.

Here’s how you close a sales opportunity:

1) From the Modules tab inside SAP Business One navigate to: Sales Opportunities > Sales Opportunity

Navigate to Sales Opportunities > Sales Opportunity

2) The Sales Opportunity window will pop up. Browse to the sales opportunity you want to close. To see all available sales opportunities you can type * in the Business Partner Code field and then press enter. Select whichever sales opportunity you want to close.

Browse Sales Opportunities

3) Click on the Summary tab of the sales opportunity you want to close. You will see 3 radio buttons next to the Opportunity Status. Choose whether you want to change it from Open to Won or Lost. Click UPDATE.

Set Opportunity Status

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