You can add and remove languages in SAP Business One using the Languages – Setup window. The languages in the Languages – Setup window are used to translate fields in SAP Business One to foreign languages and then to print sales A/R or purchasing A/P documents.

The Languages – Setup window displays all the default languages created when installing SAP Business One and that can be used during the creation of the company, plus or minus any languages added or removed. For more information, see Languages – Setup Window.

Before you begin, make sure you have activated the Languages – Setup window by choosing: Administration > System Initialization > Company Details > Basic Initialization tab and selecting the Multi-Language Support checkbox.

Here’s how:

Adding languages

1) Choose: Administration > Setup > General  Languages. The Languages – Setup window appears.

2) Specify the language’s short and full names.

3) Select the related system language from the dropdown list. The language that you select affects the layout used when printing a document using Print Layout Designer tool.

4) To save the data, choose the Update button.

Removing languages

1) In the Languages – Setup window, select the language that you want to remove.

2) From the Data menu, choose Remove or right-click in the window and choose Remove.

3) To save the data, choose the Update button.