1) Select: Tools (from the Menu Bar)

2) Select: Customization Tools

3) Select: User-Defined Fields – Management
Your screen should look like this: User Defined Fields Screen, SAP Business One

4) Select the Category Field from Main List

  • (The Menu mirrors SAP’s main Menu)

Your screen should look like this: User Defined Fields Screen, SAP Business One

5) Select the Sub Menu category

  • (The Sub Menu’s are drop down menu’s within the Master Category List)

6) Select Add to add a new Field

7) Enter the information you wish to use in your User Defined Field

a) Enter the Title of the new field
b) Enter the Description
c) Select the Type & Character Length & Structure if desired

User Defined Fields Screen, SAP Business One

8) Set Valid Values for Field

a) Select New (right side) to enter options for drop-down menu. Continue to select “New” for each additional entry.
  • In the above screen shot, by selecting “Set Valid Values for Field” – we are able to create a drop down option, using the values and description we entered

9) Set Default Value for Field

  • This step works with “Set Valid Values for Field”
  • It allows you to pre-set the default for the user field you are creating

10) Select Mandatory Field to make the field a mandatory entry

11) Set Linked Table (appears if “Set Values for Field” is not selected)

  • Allows you to select a table from the user defined field

12) Select Add once all fields have been completed to add the new entry.

  • The screen shot below shows the new User Defined Field and what your screen should look like.

User Defined Fields Screen, SAP Business One

13) Select Ok to close the screen.
To View the User Defined Field in SAP

  1. Select the Main SAP Menu category and open the sub-category in which the new User Defined Field was created.
    1. For our example, in the below screen shot, we have selected Business Partners and then Business Partner Master Data, because that’s where we created the user defined fields
  2. Select View from the SAP top menu bar and select User-Defined Fields. You will now see your new User Defined Fields on the right side of the screen.

Business Partner Master Data Screen, SAP Business One