In SAP Business One, a coupon can be added as a non-stock inventory item with the value associated according to the value of the coupon. Here’s how:

1) First you’ll need to create a new inventory item for the coupon code.
Navigate to: Inventory > Item Master Data

2) Create a new item for the coupon. In this example below, we’ve created a coupon with the item number “COUPON5” and set the Description field to be “$5 Off Coupon”

3) Set the price of the new coupon item to be the value of the discount amount. Note: you will set this number as a positive, not negative dollar value. So for a $5 off coupon, set the Unit Price as $5.00.


4) In the sales order, we now add the coupon item we’ve just created.

5) Set the quantity to NEGATIVE (-) 1.

6) You will now see the coupon amount deducted from the sales order total.

Sales Order Coupon Amount