To enable SAP Business One users to use the mobile app, make the following settings.

1) From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose: Administration > Setup > General > Users

2) In the Users Setup window, specify the user for whom you want to make the mobile settings and select the Mobile User checkbox.

3) In the Mobile Phone field, enter the user’s mobile phone number. For an iPod touch or iPad, where you have no number, choose a fictitious mobile phone number.

4) In the Mobile Device ID field, enter the MAC Address of the respective mobile device.

Note: If the Mobile User checkbox is selected, this field is mandatory. For more information on how to find the MAC Address, consult the product documentation supplied with your Apple device, ask your vendor, or search for instructions on t he Web.

5)  To enable a user to use the app by two different mobile devices, enter the MAC address of both devices. Use “/” as the separator. For example: 3C:07:54:4C:7E:79 / 64:20:0C:16:86:BF.

Note: It is possible to logon to one mobile device at a time. If a user tries to log on to one device while logged on to the other device, a warning appears and the session automatically ends.

6) Choose the Update button and then choose OK.

Note: If you are working with SAP Business One OnDemand 1.0, choose the Send Mobile Settings button. An e-mail with a hyperlink containing all configuration details will be sent automatically to the mobile device of the given user.