Cost of Software (Licensing)

  • Starter Packs – $1,357 / each
    Starter Packs are limited to a maximum of 5 users. If you need more than 5 users in your organization, then you’ll need to upgrade each of the starter pack licenses to Professional Licenses and add whatever other licenses they need (Pro or Limited)
  • Professional User – $3,154 / per user
    One time fee. Calculated based on how many users need access to your SAP software. Professional Users can have as much access to the system as you determine.
  • Limited Users – $1,666 / per user
    Limited User Licenses offer specific access to the system. Limited licenses include: Limited CRM, Limited Logistics, and Limited Financials.

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Maintenance / Install / Config / Support Costs

  • Maintenance – 18% of total software cost
    Annual fee. Includes security and software upgrades and covers regular maintenance.
  • Install & Config – $195 / hr (rate for Cornerstone SAP Gold Partner)
    The cost and timeline of implementation varies depending on the specific needs of each business.

Optional Budget Considerations

The cost of these will vary based on your unique needs, but are an important consideration in your budget for SAP Business One. If you need a personal quote or needs analysis, contact Cornerstone SAP Support.

  • Training
  • Customizations
  • Integration
  • Add On’s

Cost Comparison

Most ERP systems are priced according to the number of software users needed and the level of access each of these users will require from the system. According to most industry leaders and publications, the average a manufacturing or complex distribution company can expect to pay is about $4,000* per user.

*SAP Business One is lower than the average ERP user cost at $3,154 / per user

Implementation Cost Factors

There are many factors that influence the actual cost of any ERP implementation: the company’s industry, the size of the company, the anticipated transaction volume, scope and complexity of the implementation, and the number of third-party integrations, to name a few. Most implementation costs are calculated based on a ratio of software to services. The more the company implementing the ERP system can handle on its own without relying on external vendors, the closer the software-to-services ratio can get to 1 to 1. For most companies of average size and complexity, however, it is more common to see software to services ratios of 1 to 3.


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