In SAP Business One, inside the Business Partner Master Data Window, you will find the third tab is called Addresses.

The function of the addresses tab is to store both the billing and shipping addresses that have ever been used in an order for that particular business partner.

If the business partner is an individual, the multiple addresses may be used for instances where they have more than one address like their home location, office location, or seasonal home. Or it can be used if the customer has ever placed an order to be shipped to another persons address.

For organizations, the multiple addresses are often the different locations of the business, for instance they may have an Orland and Miami branch where they have product shipped to both.

To Add a New Address

If you need to add a new shipping or billing address, click the Define New link in the top left below either “Bill To” or “Ship To”.

Add a New Address to a Business Partner in SAP Business One

The default fields available for a new Ship To Address are:

  • Address ID (ie. Miami Corporate Office)
  • Street / PO Box
  • Block
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • County
  • State
  • Country
  • Tax Code (The state tax code)
  • Street No.
  • Building/Floor/Room

Below is a screenshot of the Addresses Tab

Business Partner Addresses Tab in SAP