SAP Business One enables you to perform numerous tasks using general shortcut keys.

Function Shortcut Keys
Change a field name in a window Press and hold Ctrl + double-click the field name to open the Changing Description window.
Move to the next active field Press Tab.
Move to the previous active field Press and hold Shift + Tab.
Enter today’s date Enter any non-numeric character + Tab, for example, W + Tab.
Enter a date in the current month Enter a digit for a date + Tab, for example, 12+Tab for March 12, where March is the current month.
Enter a date in the current year Enter digits for a date and month + Tab, for example, 1212+Tab for December 12, 2006, where 2006 is the current year.
Enter any date Enter digits for a day, month, and year + Tab, for example, 121205+Tab for December 12, 2005.
Select successive rows Select the first row, press Shift and select the last row.
Select any displayed rows Select the first row, press Ctrl and select the next relevant row.
Deselect a row Press Ctrl + select the relevant row.