SAP Business One is a type of ERP software. ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Often ERP software is referred to as the “back bone” of any business, because in many cases it literally is the software that runs the business. The value of ERP software is that it improves the order fulfillment process. That is, the way your company takes a customer order, and processes it into an invoice and revenue. By improving order fulfillment and other key business processes, ERP’s save companies tons of time and money.

Ultimately an ERP makes it possible to process an order much faster and with less errors so the customer receives the order faster, and the company has a higher profit margin. ERP’s such as SAP Business One apply that same efficiency to other major business processes like Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), financial reporting, even Human Resources (HR).

The model below shows the modules that tie together to make the SAP Business One ERP:

SAP Business One ERP Modules