Administration > System Initialization > Document Settings > Choose the Per Document Tab > Choose the “Purchase Order” Document > Check the box for “Purchase Order Approved” > Update > Ok

Create a Purchase Order as you normally would:

Purchasing A/P > Purchase Order

  • NOTE: Your making a template and you cannot update a template, once you save this it remains as is until you create a new one; so the more information you can fill in now, will save you a lot of work later!



After you have finished entering all of the information you want on your purchase order

Right Click on any Gray Area and Choose “Save As Draft”


Continue making as many templates as you need for your vendors, one template per order

You can have as many templates as you need

To Retrieve Your “Template”

Purchasing – A/P > Purchasing Reports > Document Drafts Report


1. Choose the Users Name that created the “Draft Document” choose Check boxes that apply to the form you created (in our Example: Purchasing A/P > Purchase Orders)

2. Choose OK

NOTE: Be sure to make sure the “Open Only” button is Unchecked – this way you can re-use your Old Drafts as many times as you like (recycling your drafts)

The list of “Document Drafts” appear potem5

NOTE: To make a “shortcut” to the Document Drafts Report

  • Open the Document Drafts Report from the Purchasing Report Menu
  • Click on “Tools” from the Menu Bar
  • Select “My Menu”
  • Select “Add to My Menu”
  • Choose where you want to keep the Draft Document (I choose “Forms”)
  • Click “Add”

You can now go to “My Menu” double click on “Forms” to see and use the Document Report at any time

To Use Your Template

At the “Document Draft” Window > Open the template you want to create a “real” Purchase Order with by clicking on the Yellow Arrow to the left of the Document Number


Make any adjustments to any fields you need (DO NOT CHANGE THE VENDOR)

When you’re satisfied with your changes, if you had any > Choose “Add”


You have now successfully created and used your template. The Template remains in your “Document Drafts Reports” module for you to use as many times as you like.

If you receive this System Message, click Yes to continue (this message is simply telling you that you are using a draft Purchase Order that has already been used.

Choose “Add” to add the Purchase Order