You define and print packing slips in SAP Business One after you pick the items of a shipment and you are ready to send the shipment.

You can create and print packing slips for only the following sales documents:

  • Delivery
  • A/R invoice
  • A/R invoice + payment

Here’s how:

1) Open one of the documents listed above.

2) Open the Packages – Setup window by doing one of the following:

  • In the menu bar, choose: Goto > Packing Slip.
  • Right-click in the document and choose Packing Slip.The Packing Slip window opens.

3) In the Package No. field, enter an identifying number for the package. SAP Business One automatically assigns a sequential number, but you can change it.

4) In the Packing Slip window, in the Existing Packages area, open the List of Package Types window in one of the following ways:

  • Place your cursor in the Type field and press the TAB key.
  • In the Type field, click Choose From List (Choose From List).

5) In the List of Package Types window, select a package type and choose the Choose button.

6) Optional: If you want to convert the package weight to a different unit of measure, in the Units dropdown list, select the unit of measure you want to display in the Total Weight field.

Note: The Total Weight field displays the total weight of the package. The value of the field is calculated according to the weight you have defined in the Item Master Data window, on the Sales Data tab. If the item weight is not defined, the Total Weight field is blank.

To add another package, right-click the existing package row and choose Add Row, and repeat the above steps.