Use this window to select the company database you want to work with, or create a new one.

To access this window, choose: Administration > Choose Company.

Choose Company Fields

User Code
Specify your user name for the company you want to log on to.

Enter your password.

Change User
Clears the user code and password fields and lets you enter new logon information – without exiting SAP Business One.

Current Server
From the dropdown list, select a server, MSSQL_2005 or MSSQL_2008. The available SAP Business One servers are listed accordingly in the adjacent dropdown list. To switch to another SAP Business One server, select it from the dropdown list.

Companies on Current Server
Displays all company databases defined on the selected SAP Business One server.

Company Name
Displays the company name.

Database Name
Displays the database name, as created on the server.

Indicates the localizations of the SAP Business One companies listed in this window.

Displays the database version

Lets you create a new company database.
To create a new company based on a solution package, from the dropdown list, select New From Package.

Displays an updated list of companies on the current server.