Yes. SBOeConnect- eBay Integration for SAP Business One is an SAP add-on that creates a bi-directional sync between your SAP Business One system and your eBay website. The connector provides real-time syncing for Items, Orders, Customers, Current Stock Levels, and Invoices Updates.

SAP Business One eBay Integration

Who is eBay / SAP Business One Integration for?

Retail businesses using SAP Business One as their ERP who want to, or already have, an online presence in the eBay marketplace.


Customer Synchronization: When a registered eBay user makes a purchase through your eBay marketplace, the primary address and shipping address with be sent automatically back to the SAP Business One Business Partner Master Data file. If the user later updates their eBay account information, those updates will sync back to SAP Business One.

Order Synchronization: When a user makes a purchase on your eBay storefront that order will sync back to SAP Business One as an ERP Sales Order. To account for the bidding process in eBay, the Sales Order will show the Item Price Differences as a Discount inside SAP Business One (Base Price-Discount = Bidding Price Accepted at Purchase).

Item Upload: Items created in SAP Business One via the Item Master Data file can be uploaded and syncronized to eBay. Merchants can enlist Items under their own listing. They can choose whether the Item will be sold at fixed price, or they will allow bidding on that item, all from SAP Business One ERP. Item Price, Description, Available and Selected Image (through eBay Search) all can be set from SAP Business One.

Inventory Updates: As Inventory Updates occur in SAP Business One those updates will be automatically pushed to eBay and reflected in the product listing if applicable. Inventories can be set for all Warehouses as a combined inventory, or you can set a particular warehouse for shopping through eBay Marketplace.

Invoice Upload: Active Type Sales Orders (Not Paid Online) synced from eBay to SAP Business One can be completed through SAP Business One itself by generating A/R Invoice once payment is received. This A/R Invoice will be synced back from SAP Business One to the eBay Marketplace and update the buyer account Online Order Status from Active to Complete, with an option to the eBay Buyer to see and download the Invoice.

Uses API Integration: The eBay connector uses API’s on the ebay side and DIAPI’s on the SAP Business One side. These are the standard libraries which are recommended by eBay and SAP as the best practices. It also makes it possible to further customize the connector’s functionality.

Business Benefits

  • Real time sync eliminates data duplication errors
  • Saves time by significantly decreasing need for manual data entry
  • Mapping between the two systems ensures proper accurate accounting and sales reports
  • Helps maintain accurate planning and sales forecasting
  • Quick inventory updates resists ‘Out of Stock’ scenario in marketplace
  • Rapid order fulfillment increases customer satisfaction
  • Builds positive reviews & ratings and your brand trustworthiness on eBay
  • Syncs newsletter and other marketing campaigns for better visibility


For more info, purchasing, or technical support for the eBay connector for SAP Business One, call (813) 321-1305 or email