• All Web Orders go to “Sales Quotations”
  • All Web Credit Card Payments are placed in Banking > Deposits

1. Deposit the Credit Card Payment into your Bank Account

a. Banking > Deposits > Deposits
b. Choose the Credit Card Tab
c. Change the Deposit Date to the Date you are making the deposit to your bank (typically the same day you received payment)
d. Choose the Bank Account the Credit Card Payment is being Deposited to
e. Click once on the Line Item you wish to Deposit

i. You can press and hold Shift to highlight in sequential order
ii. You can press and hold Control to highlight haphazardly
f. Choose Add – when done
g. Banking Deposit Screen, SAP Business One

2. Open the Sales Quotation for the Customer you just deposited the Credit Card Payment for (in Step 1)

a. Copy To “AR Invoice” (if you’ve shipped the order and want to directly invoice it)

Sales Quotation Screen, SAP Business One

b. Add your AR Invoice (this will close the Sales Quotation)

A/R Invoice Screen, SAP Business One

c. Some Inventory Items are Batch Controlled, you must make a Batch Selection

Batch Number Selection Screen, SAP Business One

3. To Apply the Payment against the AR Invoice

a. Go to Business Partners > Internal Reconciliation > Enter the Customer’s ID

BP Internal Reconciliation Screen, SAP B1

b. Check the Selection Boxes that match the Credit Payment to the Invoice
c. Confirm the Amount to Reconcile Total is Zero
d. Choose Reconcile

Internal Reconciliation Window, SAP B1