SAP Business One enables you to manage freight so that you can track any additional costs in sales and purchasing transactions. Freight charges could include insurance, shipment, and other costs that apply to your goods.

You can add freight in the document or row level. When you do, the total amount of the document is updated accordingly. If you manage your inventory using perpetual inventory, you can add the value of freight charges in purchasing documents to the cost of your goods. In addition, you can define whether the last purchase price of your items includes the freight charges that apply to your purchased goods.

You can print freight and generate various reports for analyzing it.


  • In the Freight – Setup window, you have defined the freight you plan to apply to your sales and purchasing documents.
  • On the G/L Account Determination: Inventory Tab, you have defined an offsetting G/L account for the inventory account for clearing journal entries created by A/P invoices and goods receipt POs.
  • On the G/L Account Determination: Purchase Tab, in the Expense Account: Variance Account field, you have defined a variance G/L account for clearing journal entries created by A/P credit memos based on A/P invoices or by goods returns based on goods receipt POs in which the freight charges amount was changed.
  • In the Cash Discount window, by selecting or clearing the Freight checkbox for every cash discount defined in your company, you have decided whether the discount amount calculated on the invoice total includes freight.
  • Country-specific fields, US and Canada: In the Sales Tax Codes – Setup window, by selecting the Freight checkbox, you have applied freight charges to each tax code.
  • Country-specific fields, all Europe: For the Output Tax Group and Input Tax Group, you have chosen relevant tax groups and selected the WT Liable option to apply withholding tax on freight.


Freight in Sales and Purchasing

You can apply freight to both sales and purchasing documents. However, only freight charges in purchasing documents may affect item cost and the last purchase price.

You can apply freight on:

  • Row level – up to three different types of freight charges on individual document rows
  • Total level – the entire document

Note: In India, freight uses the location of the marketing document when it was posted as a journal entry.

Drawing Base Documents with Freight Charges to Target Documents
When you draw a base document to a target document, the Draw Document Wizard appears and enables you to copy the required data. In different steps of the wizard, make the necessary settings for copying the row level and the total level freight.