Use this tab to define default settings for printing documents per user. Defaults defined in this window override settings in other windows. If not defined here, the defaults are taken from the Printing Preferences window.

Some fields apply to layouts created with the Crystal Reports software version for the SAP Business One application and to those created with the Print Layout Designer (PLD) tool. Some fields apply only to PLD-type layouts.

To access this tab, choose: Administration > Setup > General > User Defaults > Print tab.

User Defaults, Print Tab Fields

Choose the document type for which to configure the print settings in the Document field. Each document type is defined separately.

PLD and CR Properties

When Adding Document
When you choose the Print Document option, the document is printed as soon as it is added to SAP Business One. The second option is to export the document directly to Microsoft Word.

Copies (Incl. Original)
Determine how many copies of a document to print (including the original) when a new document is created.

Copies for Manual Series
Determine how many copies of a document are printed if the document was created with manual number assignment. A document with manual number assignment is treated as a copy in the system, not as an original document.

PLD Only Properties

Print Payment with Invoice
For invoices only.
Use this field to define whether to print a receipt together with an invoice or not. If you choose No, no receipt will be printed when you print an invoice. If you choose Only When Adding, a receipt will be printed whenever a payment is specified in the invoice. In this case, the receipt directly confirms the payment. If you choose Always, a receipt will always be printed if it exists for the invoice.

Print Payment & Invoice in Succession
Select to print the invoice and the receipt on a single page. The system contains separate documents for each object, which will be merged for printing. If you do not select this checkbox, the documents will be printed separately. To configure the printing information specified here for a user or group of users differently, set the default parameters for the user(s) accordingly.

Print Discount Data
Prints the discount information in the document.

Print Mfr Catalog No. Instead of Item No.
Prints the vendor catalog numbers in the document instead of the item numbers assigned in SAP Business One.

Permanent Remarks for Printing
Define a text that will be printed in all purchasing and sales documents. This text will be printed at the end of each document.

Example: Use this field to make your customers aware that your phone number has changed, or to print an announcement for a new product on all your documents for a certain amount of time. First choose the document type for the required purchasing or sales document and then enter the text. Enter the text for each of the other document types as required. You can also copy and paste the texts using the corresponding menu items.