Note: To add new user defaults, or update existing user defaults, you must have logged on as a super user. To update a certain user default, you must have logged on as the user that has been assigned to the user default.

1) To maintain the default parameters for a user, choose: Administration > Setup > General > User Defaults.

Note: You can also display this window by:

  • Choosing: Administration > Setup > General > Users.
  • Place the cursor on the Defaults field for a user and press the Tab key.
  • The List of User Defaults window appears, in which you can select a set of previously defined defaults or create a new one.

2) To create a new set of default parameters, choose New. The User Defaults Window appears.

3) Enter the required data and choose Add.

4) To save the parameters for the user, choose Add in the List of User Defaults window.