Use this window to define address formats for business partners.

To access this window, choose: Administration > Setup > Business Partners > Address Formats.

Address Formats – Setup Window Fields

Specify a name for the address format. The name can contain up to 50 characters.

Central Table
Each cell in this table represents an element of the address format. You can update, add, or remove address components.

List of Address Elements
Displays the address elements that can be used as the building blocks of address formats.
Note: The fields Address Type and Street No. are specific for Brazil.

Free Text
When you drag this option to a cell in the table and click it, an additional field appears at the bottom right of the window. Enter the required text, punctuation or symbol in the Edit Free Text field. For example, type a comma to separate a city from a state as in Sacramento, CA.

Layout Frame
The layout frame is located at the bottom left of the window. You can see the changes in the layout while you edit the address format; however, you cannot make any changes from within this frame.

Editing Address Options
After you place the required address options into the table, you can customize their layout according to your needs. To edit an address option, select it using the mouse. An additional frame appears at the bottom right enabling you to specify the formatting of the address.

Additional Options
You can also restrict the number of characters displayed for a row. Choose a row number to access the Line Length field. Enter the required row length. This determines the maximum number of characters to be displayed in this row. If the number of characters deviates from the defined length, the extra text overflows to the next row.

The window opens in Add mode. If you want to edit existing formats, switch to Find mode and browse for the required format using the usual search methods.

Displays the descriptions for the County, State, and Country fields.